Supernatural things do happen

Supernatural things do happen

Supernatural things do happen

I AM the begining and the end.
I AM the Alpha and the Omega, the creator of the universe.
Imagine Me holdind the whole universe in the palm of My hand.
I can be anywhere at anytime.
I never sleep and I know everything there is, every single happening in the world....
the cries of the sufferings,
the deaths of many people,
the mournings of the sad,
the joy of the blessed,
the births of newborn babies,just about everything.
I listen to people's prayers, and I answer them, if only they wait upon Me.
I have a plan and a future for everyone, but every person has the free choice to choose
between good and evil.
Every breath you breathe in is a gift from Me.
Appreciate My goodness that I have given you.
Life is meaningless and aimless without faith in Me.
I have created you for a purpose, and that is
to fulfill My command and mission to you to love one another.
I have not predetermined how your life would be like,
or where your soul will go to after this temporary life on earth.
Cherish the chance that I give you to live a fruitful life,
to express your love for Me,
as I have first loved you.

For God, tomorrow is always a new day for those who believe.
in every way, in every situation
in every perplexity, every turmoil and confusion that you go through, I go through with you, you are not alone, and remember that though things may be difficult now - tomorrow is a new day.
it is good to cry. also good to laugh. u let go of many things to God. u do not carry the burdens. u pass them to God.
normally u see the father holding the child, n the child sleeps in the father's arms.
in God's arms, we find rest. God is our El Shaadai, a God who is more than enough, able to help us.
God is our fortress n refugee. God is lord over every crisis we go through. amen.
He is God. almighty. nothing too hard for Him. even for 1 million people to cross the Red Sea.
so we need not fear. "be still n know that I m God"
the problem is we think we know better than God. so we make our own plans n pull strings n try to manipulate people n situations,
only to discover that everything falls apart inspite of all our struggles n strivings. we cannot wait; we cannot let God.
it takes faith to wait. n then to move on in action.
if God is with us, who n what can come against us.
all of us are very good in qouting these verse, but in our hearts we do not really trust His promises.
but Joseph is amazing because he really trusted God. n God redeemed him.n honor him.
u honor God; God honor u.

I have a great future for u.
walk in My will. be not afraid.
do not fear men, have the fear of the Lord.
"seek My righteousness n My glory

"Never let men pull you down,
Or tell you who you are,
Because you’ve a father that’s almighty,
The creator of the heavens and the earth;
So who shall you fear?
Seek the Kingdom of God,
And everything shall be added unto you
God is in our midst in our everyday life.
Supernatural things do happen,
but with our naked eyes we can’t see it.
It’s only through the spirit that things are revealed to us.
It’s only in times of desperation
that we would turn to a higher power for help,
for we know that with our own strength
we can do nothing about it...."

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Comments (4)

  1. songbird01

    Awesome…simply awesome. I couldn’t agree more. I really needed this today.Thank you!!!!!!!

    November 30, 2012
  2. lopperloveus

    Nice! Did you make that image?

    December 06, 2012
  3. consult


    October 02, 2016
  4. JumperK

    So you have no actual evidence of the supernatural than?

    October 02, 2016
  5. katesee

    Yes, super natural things do happen with the humans in life due to the miracles of the god. Yes, the super natural things and visits of have been ensured for the right and fundamental parts for the likewise activities for the individuals.

    May 13, 2017