we are born to love n be loved

Everyone wants to feel accepted and loved. thats how u r created.

We are never made to be lonely, to fend for ourselves, to be deserted.

We have the Creator to lean on. God is the same yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever.

His love for you is the same even when you hurt Him.

The Lord sees all of your burden, all your worries that you tell no one about, all those feelings that u buried within you heart. He knows them all and feels them all.

He is sad when you are sad; He cries whenever you cry; He sings whenever you are happy; He feels the pain when you are suffering within you.


Sometimes we might think that we are alone in this battle but we are not.

Thousands and thousands of angels are out there fighting in the spiritual realm, constantly keeping the evil ones away from us.

God is always there to pull you up to your feet whenever you stumble and fall.

He is telling you Its ok to fall once in awhile, I still love just as much.

Listen to that still small voice in you in times of trouble and be comforted by it.

God is fair and just and He is always merciful.

Start living your life for God because He deserves it.

We love God because He had first loved us.

Run back to His embrace. Let his heartbeat be yours, let His will be your hearts desire.

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    June 21, 2017