What others meant for evil,

God sees into your hearts
He knows the hurt, pains, sorrows n bitterness in you
n every single emotion you are going through.
What others meant to be evil, God will turn it into good.

Therefore never keep hatred n anger in u, because it will backfire
n you will go through even more pain.
But leave all things in God's hand for He alone can see everything.
Do not bury your hurts in your heart, only turning them into scars.
Instead pour them out to the Lord. He listens.
Never hold back from the Lord, for He is ever ready to accept
you with opened arms.

In everything you do or planning to do, think of the Lord.
Do not do things on your own, but trust in Him
and do things according to His will for you.
You may be surprised to know that He is always by your side.
He is always there for you.

Always be thankful, even for small things in life.
Always seek His will. Seek His heart.
He is the One who had created all the heavens n the earth.
You can have faith in the great I AM. Marvel at His works & wonders.
Give your all to Him n He will give HIs all to you.
The Lord goes through with you in all the storms in your life.
The Lord will never forsake you if only you stay committed to Him.
Know that deep down inside you, you are a child of God,
created for His purpose, to do His will.
Find refuge in Him n He shall protect u with His mighty wings.

God is love. Love pleases Him. So love others the way you love yourself.
Bear with one another. Always be understanding with one another.
Think positive. Look at the brighter side of things.
Because your God is Almighty, n nothing is too hard for Him to do.
Love your God for He first loved you.

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  1. jonathanchataway

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    August 17, 2017