you are here not by chance

God is love. He wants u to know that.

God is just n yet merciful.

Nothing ever clouds His judgment

for He sees everything.

He knows every event taking place in the world.

Every cry, laugh, complaint, prayer, thought...

He knows

He hears

He sees.

Many of our questions about life r not answered.

Many things we find hard to understand.

We see so many suffered; yet there r many who don't.

Is it fair? Is there justice?


Life never seems fair.

But God's ways r much higher n better than our ways.

We r finite; God is infinite.

We cannot see n know as God does.

God sees n knows everything;

He knows u even before u ever existed.

He is the Alpha n Omega.


therefore we can never understand as God understands

for we cannot see the future

we cannot see all His plans n purposes.


Therefore seek His will n let Him handles things.

Seek peace with your fellow brethren.

Let love rule over hatred.

Don't let Satan win the battle.

Let Jesus Christ achieve the victory.


God indeed deserves all glory n praise.

What He had done for us is beyond our comprehension.

To the world Jesus looks a fool.

To the world Jesus is a false prophet.

But to those who know the truth

to those who have seen His love n glory

they know Jesus is love, n He is the light


Jesus alone is able to save the world.

He is the beginning n the end.

Nothing can come against God's will n His purpose .

One word from Him n the world can be turned into ashes.

But God is patient, n is still giving us His mercy n grace,

giving us time to repent n to change from our wicked ways.


Therefore talk to Him n learn of His ways

for Jesus is meek n gentle in spirit.

We r blessed to have known Jesus

n to be able to show our love for Him freely.

Treasure what u have now

for there r many who don't have this opportunity.



Love is what God requires of us to have, to practice and to live with.

So see to it that the love of God is in everything that you do,

and in every happening in your life.

Let the love of God be in the center of your life.

Let Jesus Christ shines through you.So people can see Christ in you.

In whatever you do, let the name of God be glorified.


Make your heart the temple of God.

Keep it pure and delightful before the Lord's eyes.

Please God the way Jesus did.Walk in His footsteps.


Hold onto God's promises; never give up on His Words.

For the Lord is the same today,tomorrow and forever.

Have faith in Him, for He can never fails you.

He loves you so much that He will protect you from all harm.

But He is also a dad, a dad who wants you to grow.

He wants you to go through the stages of life in order to learn n to grow.

and He is always with you every step of the way.

He was with you as you walked the first baby step, on your first day in school,

on your graduation day, your first presentation in college, your marriage,

the day you gave birth to your first baby and so on.

He watches over us like a shepherd over his sheep.

Take His hand. He is your heavenly Father who really loves you.


God truly loves you. Although you may not be aware of it.

For He created you for a purpose.

So He wants to be in your life, be part of your life.

He wants you to make Him a part of your everyday life.

to think of Him everyday, in everything you do.

He wants you to include Him in all your activities,


all the decisions that you make n are going to make.

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